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redoak is creating the latest technology in Winter Snow Sports and moving this technology to additional industries.  We hope you enjoy our world class results.

Tony Stoughton
General Manager Red Oak

Endorses Hot Rod Race Wax

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Home of US National Gold winning HOT ROD race wax!
What a year! A 4x NASTAR National Champion Snowboarder on HOT ROD and Plum, and 2 Gold Medal US National Champion Snowboarders and several Silver medal winners.  While all this was happening Red Oak was improving our signature race wax.  We are thrilled to present,  Very Low Fluro High Teflon, vLFHT, products.  Plum and original HOT ROD race wax have been re-formulate to the new vLFHT formula. The new formula
 was thoroughly tested and approved by our sponsored racers with unbridled enthusiasm. The new formula maintain the previous
 temperature ranges with increase glide performance.

RACE: PLUM 15F and warmer     
RACE: HOTROD 20F and colder

redoak Wax Wizard

The "Wax Wizard" has been a huge hit and a must for polishing your ride!  We offer the Wax Wizard to make Hot Rod Race Wax application easier, less hassle, and more effective!  Using the Wax Wizard mean no waste!  No Scrape, No Brush, No Waste! We tested the Wax Wizard and were thrilled with the results.  This handy tool means you can tune your ride at home, in a hotel, or on the mountain. The Wax Wizard utilizes Point Friction to micro melt and polish the wax for a race ready finish.  Instructions are included in the Wax Wizard Kit and available on our website.  See  "Tips & Tricks" section for additional support!

Wax Wizard kit includes a multi-zipper carry bag large enough to travel or store your tuning
gear all together!


redoak Technology
Not to forget about the most important aspect of our firm, our technology development is what truly drives our future. Red Oak has been working for more than 4 years on what we believe is the material of the future, Ceramic Composites.  We have tested BAM, the most advanced material in the world of ceramic additives and Boron materials.  During this long testing period we have discovered countless aspects of material science.  During this effort Red Oak has identified and named a ceramic composite variant, C4.  We are in the process of moving our understanding, knowledge base, and application development to industries out side winter snow sports.  We have high expectations with our technical investment in this material, and market opportunities.

"The expansion of Ceramic Composite product development could catapult our business with endless opportunities."
General Manager, Tony Stoughton

redoak Racing

Virus Snowboards,  UFC SBX, a rocket with C4! Last season Virus built a UFC SBX with our SuperGlide technology and Tetra Race Base, TRB! We shipped the beast to the US Snowboarding Team for evaluation.  It took some time due to schedule conflicts, athlete injuries, and alittle apprehension we're sure.  The Red Oak - Virus UFC SBX exceeded all expectation and was tested to be as fast, as the teams fastest known Kessler SBX.  That is a huge success for Red Oak to compete on a world class level straight out of the gate.  This year we are increasing the performance with our new C4 - Ceramic Composite base material and SuperGlide.  Currently the International Snowboarding Training Center, ISTC, is looking the new SBX over and will evaluate.  After ISTC evaluates this  UFC SBX machine with the new C4 base it will be shipped to the US Team, depending on schedule.  Yes, we are very excited about this new concept product exclusively from Red Oak. 

We are still "Patent Pending" status with our SuperGlide technology and are moving to TradeMark!  Our expectation is this new product will take the industry by storm and change skiing and snowboarding forever.  Racers will move to products that give them a competitive advantage. Consumers like us are looking for products that make our play time on the mountain more fun.  SuperGlide is built in to the ski or snowboard constructions and increase glide performance no matter what wax you put on the base.

We are partnering with a premium snowboard builders, multi-million dollar materials manufacturing company, testing laboratories, and an independent consulting engineering, M.S. P.E.  All of these companies coupled with Red Oak Development's focused vision is moving forward.  We have reached several milestone on the path to bring the next generation of "Ultra High Performance - Wax or Waxless - Base Material."  This is no small undertaking but one we see with passion.   This is the real deal!  We are very excited to share with the public another "Red Oak" milestone.  We have extremely high expectation for the new material additive C4 which will be designed to advance "World Cup" racing speeds. Currently this concept product is very limited, mfg. samples upon request.
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